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George Rogers Gideon

   George Rogers Gideon passed away Monday, Jan. 25, 2016, in Fort Worth surrounded by family and friends.
   Arrangements are pending for a future fabulous party!
   The son of George Melvin and Marie Louise Rogers Gideon, he was born Jan. 27, 1938, in Odessa, but grew up in Vernon. After graduating from Vernon High School, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and was stationed at Christmas Island before serving in the Navy Reserve. Rogers attended TCU, earning a degree in business administration, playing on the golf team and enjoying his membership in Kappa Sigma fraternity. He was an extraordinary salesman due to his charming and sparkling personality. Rogers sold automobiles for a number of years before beginning a 35-year career in petroleum land management. During this time, he traveled to many states and was crew chief in many places, but always called Fort Worth home. Even in the far-away, cold environs of North Dakota, Wyoming and Pennsylvania, Rogers made his crew welcome and warm simply because he was a force of nature!
   He loved his TCU football, chocolate, movies, barbecue, music and dancing.  But above all, he loved his family and his countless friends. The stories we could tell are legend and there is not room in this space, but please remember that as we all hold him in a special place in our hearts — he took us with him to heaven in his own.
    Survivors: Wife, Judy DeWine; daughters, Tiffany Bils (Pete) and Tara Kutner (Bill); brother, Rhett Gideon (Susan); grandchildren, Beryl and Clara Bils and Gideon and Tillery Kutner; niece and nephew, Jennifer and Geoffrey Gideon (Ashley); stepchildren, Janice and David Fuller; and his girls’ mother, Linda Gideon.


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