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New construction in 2018 neared $2 million

A $200,000 new business led construction activity here during the month of December when $302,290 in building permits were issued.
The eight building permits issued during December contributed to total construction activity of $1,924,775 for the City of Vernon during the year 2018, which was well below the $6,684,634 construction total for 2017 but still above the 2016 totals of $1,55,063.
The permit for the $200,000 new business at 3926 Wilbarger was issued to L&B Properties on Dec. 18. Santa Rosa Construction is the contractor for the project.
Other December building permits issued include:
–Dec. 6: $12,000 heating/air conditioning system, 4119 Hillcrest Plaza, owner, Aaron’s; Watkins Heating and Air, contractor.
–Dec. 10: $2,800 storage building: 2401 Harrold, owner, David Lynn; Waters Ag, contractor.
–Dec. 18: $5,730 heating/air conditioning system, 3304 Maiden, owner, Pam Gosline; Fancher Electric, contractor.
–Dec. 19: $5,560 heating/air conditioning system, 2208 15th Street, owner, Chris Waggoner; James Lane A/C, contractor.
–Dec. 27: $7,200 storage building, 1228 Deaf Smith, owner, Cherry Ricks; Derksen Buildings, contractor.
–Dec. 28: $38,000 storage building, 4300 Wilbarger, owner, North Texas Self Storage; Santa Rosa Construction, contractor.
–Dec. 28: $31,000 garage, 516 Indian, Belinda Alberry, owner and contractor.
Other large building permits issued by the City of Vernon during 2018 include a $234,700 office building for AEP Texas at 1601 Laurie on Aug. 9, a $270,000 new home at 4502 Foster Road for Doug Bessie on Aug. 8, and a $186,761 storage space for Tyson Foods at 700 Wheeler on Aug. 6.
Building permit total by month for 2018 include January, $23,000; February, $134,550; March, $56,242; April, $93,110; May, $34,897; June, $268,331; July, $76,875; August, $780,276; September, $56,690; October, $23,450; November, $66,068; and December, $302,290.

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