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April construction activity totals $137,230

A $16,200 heating/air conditioning installation led construction activity here during the month of April when 27 construction permits with a total value of $137,230 were issued by the City of Vernon.
That figure brings the year-to-date total for construction permits to $792,187 for the first four months of 2019. By comparison, there were $56,242.25 in construction permits issued in April of 2018 and the year-to-date total at this time a year ago was $213,792.25.
The permit for the $15,200 HVAC unit installation at 1423 Main was issued to Douglas Jeffrey on April 30. Fancher Electric is the contractor for the project.
Other April construction permits include:
–April 3: $1,000 carport, 2219 Sand Road, George Hartlien, owner and contractor.
–April 11: $3,300 HVAC installation, 2613 Sandalwood, owner, Stephen Weaver; Fancher Electric, contractor.
–April 11: $5,250 HVAC installation, 2718 Highland Park Drive, owner, Jim Linker; Fancher Electric, contractor.
–April 11: $4,350 HVAC installation, 3209 Martindale, owner, Russell Bunch; Fancher Electric, contractor.
–April 11: $4,050 HVAC installation, 3301 Wilbarger, owner, Maynard Ferguson; Fancher Electric, contractor.
–April 11: $$5,340 HVAC installation, 4502 Franklin, owner, Mark Reynolds; Fancher Electric, contractor.
–April 12: $1,800 carport, 2635 Sunset Drive, owner, Trent Gillespie; Lowe’s, contractor.
–April 16: $3,000 fence, 1730 Una Drive, owner, Amber Nutter; A-1 Construction, contractor.
–April 18: $500 sign, 226 Wilbarger, owner, Linda Shivers; Jason Maldonado, contractor.
–April 24: $5,000 house addition, 2325 Sand Road, Viviana Centeno, owner and contractor.
–April 25: $5,000 house remodel, 2300 Sand Road, Randy Adams, owner and contractor.
–April 26: $6,500 house addition, 1828 Yamparika, Jose Lopez, owner and contractor.
–April 29: $1,900 carport, 1828 Deaf Smith, Johnny Barnes, owner and contractor.
–April 29: $3,000 storage building, 2513 Pearl, Laurenco Villalobos, owner and contractor.
–April 30: $6,890 HVAC installation, 12 Country Club Road, owner, Monica Wilkinson; Fancher Electric, contractor.
–April 30: $2,140 HVAC installation, 4125 Augusta, owner, Augustan Apartments; Fancher Electric, contractor.

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