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Dogs gone wild

Daniel Walker
Vernon Record
The Vernon Police Department reported three dog bite cases in the city during the past week.
On Thursday a Meals on Wheels delivery person was bitten on the hip while delivering meals in the 2400 block of Nabors at lunchtime. The dog has been placed in a 10-day quarantine at a local veterinarian, VPD Captain Wayne Hodges said. He said the injury did not appear to be severe and the dog’s owner was cooperating.
Police were also called to the Wilbarger General ER on Tuesday evening. A woman was receiving stitches in her hand.
Capt. Hodges said the adult female had been been bitten by her own pet and was being teated.
On Friday afternoon, a subject reported being bitten on the leg by a Chihuahua in the 900 block of Indian.
Capt. Hodges said Animal Control was searching for the dog in question and the victim was not seriously injured, as the bite did not break the skin.
In April, 2019, the Vernon City Commission approved revisions to the city ordinances regarding animal violations, which took effect immediately.
They require that fencing in back yards or outdoor enclosures where animals are kept be up to standard and not fall into disrepair to prevent them from escaping. The ordinance revisions also set rates for pathological examinations of animals based upon market values by the Wilbarger Humane Society. The ordinance also requires that any domestic animal that is impounded by neutered before it can be reclaimed by an owner or custodian upon receiving three or more convictions for violations within the two-year period immediately preceding the date the owner or custodian of said animal seeks to reclaim it.
The ordinance revisions also included changes to fees levied including first impoundment, increased from $15 to $40; second and subsequent impoundment, increase from $75 to $150; daily care fee, increased from $10 to $20; bite animal, impoundment and observation, 10 days, increased from $100 to $200; and registration of dangerous animal, $100 to $200.
City Manager Marty Mangum said the revisions to the ordinance have been studied by city officials for several months to address problems and complaints regarding stray and loose animals.

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