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Author Joe R. Lansdale coming to the Vernon Plaza

On April 7 author Joe R. Lansdale will attend a showing at the Vernon Plaza Theatre. The Plaza will screen an episode from the Hap & Leonard television show based on Lansdale’s books, as well as promote the new Hap & Leonard collection, Born for Trouble; The Further Adventures of Hap and Leonard.
Lansdale is the internationally bestselling author of more than fifty novels, including the popular, long-running Hap and Leonard series. Many of his cult classics have been adapted for television and film, most famously the films Bubba Ho-Tep and Cold in July and the Hap and Leonard series on Sundance TV and Netflix.
Lansdale has written numerous screenplays and teleplays and has won the Edgar Award and ten Stoker Awards. He has also been designated a World Horror Grandmaster. Lansdale, like many of his characters, lives in East Texas, with his wife, Karen, and their pit bull, Nicky.
In. Lansdale’s newest Hap and Leonard story collection, the boys are back, with more highly improbable adventures, and disastrous fishing trips.
These never-before collected tales showcase the popular not so dynamic duo, who are a little bit older, but not a whole lot wiser—Hap and Leonard were truly born for trouble.
When you meet him, Hap Collins seems just like a good ol’ boy. But even in his misspent youth, his best pal was Leonard Pine: black, gay, and the ultimate outsider. Together, they have sort of found their way as partners in crime-solving—and, at least as often, as hired muscle.
In these latest adventures, the boys continue their crime-solving shenanigans as they uncover the sordid secret of a missing bookmobile, compete in a warped version of the Most Dangerous Game, regroup after Hap’s visit to the psychologist goes terribly awry, and much more.
So sit yourself back and settle in—Born for Trouble is East Texas mayhem as only the master mojo storyteller Lansdale could possibly tell.


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