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Annie Mae Woodward

   Annie Mae (Ann) Woodward, 96, daughter of Viola and Lewis Chapman, died on Feb. 25, 2014 of natural causes in Washington, D.C.
   Ann grew up in Odell, graduated from Vernon High School, worked her way through college and accepted a series of Civil Service positions subsequently with the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. Simultaneously, she modeled and designed travel clothes under the name of “Ann Chapman of California” and introduced the pants suit era. Her business enterprise was disposed of when she married Capt. Ray Woodward, USMC, who was later transferred to Arlington, Va. There, she became a Legislative Assistant to members of Congress.
   In 1970, she retired and established the Congressional Learning Center where for 10 years she instructed Congressional Staffers on how to set up and operate Congressional Offices. Following that, Ann developed a hobby of cutting miniature silhouettes and traveled extensively cutting profiles of people internationally.  Her book, “Silhouettes, How to Cut for Fun and Money,” was published in 1988 and continues to be sold throughout the United States, restoring this almost-lost art of cutting silhouettes without first drawing a shadow. She also helped establish the Guild of American Papercutters.
   Her husband, Ray, passed away in 2006, but she is survived by a daughter, Deidre and husband Eric Howard, as well as grandchildren, Brian and Christina Howard. She had resided in Virginia since 1958.
   Interment was at Arlington National Cemetery.

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