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One-time federal fugitive sentenced

A second group of defendants from the FBI’s Flat Rate raids in Vernon and surrounding areas last July were sentenced in federal court on Thursday. Trevor Clifford Scott, who was one of the Scott brothers who was on the run for several weeks, was one of those sentenced.
All defendants were sentenced to a term of incarceration, followed by several years of supervised release.
Here are the terms of incarceration for the Vernon defendants sentenced Thursday by U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor: Floyd Richardson, 84 months; Brad White, 156 months; Teasie Scott, 36 months; Trevor Scott, 24 months; John Dupree Wesley, 92 months; Adam Garcia, 51 months.
Trevor Scott, along with his brother Javaris fled from capture following the July 12, 2018 raids that occurred in Vernon. He was apprehended in an FBI raid in Wichita Falls on Sept. 6.
A woman, Denene Griggs, later pleaded guilty to hiding the Scott brothers in her apartment in Wichita Falls. The FBI caught Scott climbing out the window of her apartment.
According to an affidavit in the case, Brad White obtained methamphetamine from multiple suppliers in the Dallas and Wichita Falls area, and distributed the methamphetamine in Vernon through brokers. Each of the brokers then sold methamphetamine to other customers in Vernon, including Wesley, who turned around and sold the drugs to other customers.
Floyd Richardson sold methamphetamine customers in Vernon and Quanah. An associate of Richardson, Adam Domingo Garcia, also distributed methamphetamine to customers in Vernon. Teasie Winnell Scott was also accused of assisting in the sale of firearms during a methamphetamine transaction in Vernon.
This is the second of three rounds in which defendants in the case will be sentenced. All 25 of the defendants arrested in the raids have pleaded guilty.

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