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United Fund kicks off 2020 campaign for 8 agencies

Joyce Ashley

Vernon Record

Wilbarger United Fund held its kickoff at 12 noon, Wednesday, Aug. 7, at The Loft, 1423 Main Street, as the campaign got underway for 2020 to provide needed funding for eight local non-profit agencies in Wilbarger County.

United Fund captains and organization representatives were on hand for the event with Mayor Doug Jeffrey as the featured speaker following the buffet luncheon. Jeffrey spoke of the importance of family, comparing United Fund to a family, and noting that, as the 2020 campaign theme states “We’re All In This Together.”
Jeffrey told those attending that they are making things better in Vernon, making Vernon something to be proud of.

“When we talk about the different organizations, we’re talking about service, about helping each other. We have a goal for United Fund, and it takes each and every one to  not only reach it, but exceed it. This is what makes a small town special.”
Jeffrey noted that Vernon has a rich history.

“But we are more than buildings, and you are the ones doing things in Vernon. People want to be a part of it.”
Jeffrey challenged those attending to bring one more person into their organization during the year.

“Let’s make this place a berry home, Each one of your organizations makes our home better. Just keep on doing what you are doing,” Jeffrey concluded.

Sarah Hernandez, campaign chairman, told those attending that some 6,000 received services through the organizations represented by United Fund.

“Without your help and support, we could not do this,” she said.

Hernandez noted that each organization brought something different to Wilbarger County, and she asked for those attending to continue to seek donations from others.

“We asking everyone to join us in giving to United Fund.”

Dorothy Martinez is serving as United Fund president this year with Amber Marsh as secretary-treasurer, and Sabre Sharp as vice president.

United Fund has set a goal for the coming year of $136, 500 in allocations for eight local agencies plus administrative expenses.

Allocations are as follows: Boys & Girls Club, $62,000’ Camp Fire, $17,000; Meals on Wheels, $23,750; Salvation Army, $11,500; Senior Citizen Transportation, $7,125; New Visions Economic Development Corp., $4,000; Wilbarger County Child Welfare, $4,000; Wilbarger Humane Society, $4,500, and administrative expenses, $2,625.

Martinez said anyone not contacted who would like to donate to the United Fund may do so by contacting her or Amber Marsh.

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