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Star Trees go up in Vernon

Bright yellow stars bearing the Christmas wishes of local youngsters hang from the branches of trees set up in the lobbies of the Waggoner National Bank and the Herring Bank for this year’s Star Tree/Toys for Tots program.

The stars, totaling 125, reflect the children who were registered earlier this month for the annual program sponsored by the Vernon Jaycees. There are no names on the stars, only the wants and/or needs of youngsters who might not otherwise receive gifts this Christmas. Those coordinating the Star Trees try their best to keep the identities of the Star children private.

Those wishing to select one or more stars may go to either of the banks during regular hours and make their selections. Guidelines for the Star Tree include:
–The information pertaining to the greatest wants or needs is just a guideline. You are not obligated to purchase any particular item or all of the items listed. We’ve given you the child’s age, gender and various other relevant information to help in your gift selection.

–You may check out one Star or several Stars.

–Please spend at least $50 per Star.

–You may purchase one gift or several gifts per Star.

–Please bundle your wrapped or unwrapped packages in a white trash bag with the Star inside the bag-one bag per Star. Also, write the Star number on the outside of the bag.

–Please return the Star (s) in five days or less to the same location you picked the Star. The last day to return Stars is Friday, Dec. 13, 2019 by 3 p.m.

For any questions, call Sarah Ryan at 552-2511, ext. 1651.

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