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Vernon Ministerial Alliance reorganizes

The Wilbarger County Ministerial Alliance (WCMA) has spent the last year reestablishing the organization, and redefining its purpose.  This process included, rewriting the bylaws, which primarily focused the alliance in two general areas.  The foremost purpose of the WCMA, is to consistently bring the good news of Jesus Christ, to the county.  The secondary, but also very important purpose of the alliance, is to promote the spirit of good will and fellowship among Christian pastors/ministers, of the county

The current board of directors of the WCMA are:  president, Rev. Norris Thomas, pastor of Wood Street Baptist Church; vice president, Rev Rusty Dickerson, pastor of First United Methodist Church; treasurer, Rev Brian Pounds, pastor of The First Assembly of God; and secretary, Rev. Bryan Nix, minister of the Wilbarger Street Church of Christ.

Other active members of the alliance are:  Rev Gary Chapman, pastor of The Vernon Baptist Church; Rev Matthew Crewse, pastor of Faith United Methodist Church; Rev Bob Diekmann, pastor of The Redeeming Grace Church; Rev Bob Haynes, pastor of The Second Chance Baptist Church; Rev George Records, pastor of The First Presbyterian Church; Rev Ric Rosalez, pastor of the Second Baptist Church; Rev Timothy Gibson, Wilbarger Street Church of Christ; Rev Richard Keeling,  First Assembly of God, Rev Adam Mize,  Second Baptist Church, Rev Nathan Roach, First Baptist Church of Vernon, Rev Donovan Wilkinson, First Baptist Church of Vernon.

Membership in the WCMA is open to all Christian Pastors/Ministers in the county.  Registered (active) membership dues are set at $100 a year, and this includes the right to vote, on alliance business and to serve as officer/director.  Every Christian Pastor/Minister is considered a De Facto (Non-Active) member, and is welcomed to the monthly meetings.

Monthly meetings are conducted every first Thursday of the month, at 9 a.m., at The Baptist Student Center, 4300 Augusta Street, here in Vernon.  The general meeting normally includes:  Prayer, “A Word of Encouragement,” Presentation/Discussion of previous meeting’s minutes, alliance financial update, the collection of dues, and a healthy group conversation, on a relevant pastor/minister topic.

These meetings have proved to be awesomely inspiring, as most of the participating members enjoy the fellowship, comradery and the encouragement, gained from one another.  The WCMA’s desire is to create an environment for active clergy, to discuss issues, to vent concerns, receive/give advice, all in an effort to encourage one another, to stay focused and serving God, in such a difficult calling.

There are several different Christian Denominations and experiences represented in the WCMA. Therefore, there are some noted differences in our deeper convictions, of Biblical doctrines and interpretations. However, we choose to focus on our greatest similarity, that is our unanimous belief, in which we teach and preach that, “Jesus is the Christ.”

The meetings are structured to ensure that each Pastor/Minister is respected and treated equally.  The WCMA’s Meetings are designed with ample time, to maximize participation, as well as embrace the relevancy, of each person.  The WCMA strives to set a trustworthy environment, to openly discuss difficult scenarios and situations, with the intent to make each Pastor/Minister a more effective leader.

The alliance recently added a “Sr. Pastor Executive Session,” to be conducted, at each monthly meeting.  This session will be restricted to sitting Sr. Pastors (or equivalent).  This time is set aside, for the opportunity to discuss real time sensitive issues, or more personal and private Sr. Pastor situations.

One of the most significant changes the alliance has approved, is that it will not be a direct financial source, for paying bills and providing other immediate personal or family financial relief.  The WCMA has chosen to financially support other established agencies, in Vernon, who deal with these issues, on a regular basis.   However, the WCMA has vowed to continue to work with established support agencies, to find better ways to support those in financial distress.

The majority of the funds received, will be utilized to plan and execute larger events that support the entire city.  The group is currently planning one big back to school event, instead of our current conglomerate, of independent venues.

Members believe that one event will maximize the support given by local businesses, as well as support more citizens of the city and county.  This type of event, will also afford the WCMA a larger venue to present the Gospel, assess/provide for spiritual insufficiency, and to reach those who may not regularly attend church.

The members of the WCMA are looking to have a very good year in 2020.  Members definitely desire to become more effective at delivering the Gospel, of Jesus Christ, to the residents of Wilbarger County.  Second, members hope to strengthen the teacher and preacher of the Gospel, to become more spiritually healthy, through fellowship, encouragement and inspiration.

If you’re a Pastor/Minister in the Wilbarger County area and you’re interested in joining the group, or if anyone needs more information, they can contact Rev Norris Thomas (940) 294-2822, or on the Facebook Page, Wilbarger County Ministerial Alliance.



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