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DHS responds to COVID-19 inquiry

The person was tested in Wichita County and they announced the case based on test results. The case was linked to an investigation of a case in Wichita County. When they began investigating this case, it was determined the person was a resident of Wilbarger County. Epidemiological investigations can take time depending on the complexity of the case, which is why it took a few days for the case to be moved to Wilbarger County.


According to Chapter 81 of the Texas Health and Safety Code, epidemiological investigations are confidential. Limited information can be released at the discretion of local officials, if the privacy of the individual is protected. If during the epidemiological investigation it is determined that there may be a risk of exposure to the public, then local officials decide what information is appropriate to share.


Lyndsey Rosales

Communications Specialist

Texas Department of State Health Services

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