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Solar project asks county for tax abatement

The Wilbarger County Commissioners received a request for a tax abatement for a solar power generating complex. The request was part of Monday’s county commission meeting.

After meeting with company officials in closed session for nearly an hour, the commission reconvened in open and voted to table action until September.

Eric Clifft, project manager of Savion LLC, asked the commissioners for a tax abatement on the project, which is expected to cost $225 million.

“We are here to talk about a tax structure for the project,” Clifft said. “Wind and solar are different. People kind of loop us all in together. The reality is this is one of the best places in the country for wind. It’s okay for solar. There are, quite frankly, some better places in the state.”

Clifft said that the company needed the county to offer a tax break in order to make the project feasible.

More from the meeting is in the July 29 print and online edition.

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