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VISD back-to-school questions answered

Vernon ISD Superintendent Jeff Byrd answered several questions related to the districts return to classes, slated for next Monday on August 17.

Byrd said Vernon ISD will have blended instruction, offering face to face instruction that is in a traditional setting on campus.

“We will also offer remote instruction. We will also offer flex instruction where students can chose remote instruction but participate in Extra curricular activities and attend classes such as athletics and UIL Events. Students who chose remote instruction will be required to attend the athletic period during the day to participate in athletics. Classes such as wood shop, welding, CNA classes or Dual Credit classes with Vernon College, on campus or they will have to change their schedules. These classes cannot be offered remotely.

To prepare for the 1st day of School August 17th students should use the Online Registration or call 940-553-1900 Ext. 2228 and schedule an appointment with Mrs. Pring. Please see the Facebook post with screen shot examples of registering or call Mrs. Pring and she can walk you through step by step. If she does not answer please leave a detailed message and phone number and she will call you back.

The Boys and Girls Club along with many generous donors and local businesses have provided school supplies for every student in our district. They will be distributed on the first day of school. We are working on a plan to get these supplies to our remote instruction students.

Remote Instruction Questions

How many hours per day will the students be required to participate in online learning?

Answer: Pre-K- 3rd grade will have to be actively engaged in learning 180 minutes per day.

4th Grade- 12 Grade will have to be actively engaged in learning 240 minutes per day.

Question: What format will assignments be given to students remotely?

Answer: All assignments will be provided digitally through Google classroom or a program provided by grade level instruction online. Paper packets will not be provided.

If you do not have internet access, you can use VISD district internet from your cars at any of the 5 campuses.

The Vernon Boys & Girls Club will be open and allow those students who need internet access or a computer at the following times: 8:00-12:00 for 4th-12th Grade & 12:00-3:00 for Pre-K- 3rd Grade. You must have a parent accompany you and assist you with your instruction.

Question : How is attendance going to be taken daily?

Answer: Remote students must be in attendance 90% of the time just as face to face student s are.

Students must log in to and out of each class daily. They will also have to turn assignments in daily. This is unlike last spring where they were allowed to turn work in once per week.

Question: Will assignments be graded?

Answer: Yes, assignments will be graded, students remotely will be held accountable academically and must do the same work that students that attend face to face are required to.

Question: Can Remote students participate in UIL Activities and Play Sports?

Answer: Yes, they can, but they will be required to attend all practices and be enrolled in the athletic period 1st or 8th period.

Question: Will students be required to wear masks?

Answer: Yes, students in all grades will be required to wear masks.

If you have medical history documenting that you have a medical condition that would prevent you from wearing a mask our nurses will share that information with our staff. You may also provide a doctor’s note.

Question: Will each campus have different protocols? Yes, unfortunately each campus will have different protocols and practice different social distancing methods. Our number one priority will be to keep all students and our staff safe. With the different sizes in classrooms, cafeterias, Gyms, and number of staff members per campus this will prevent us from being able to use a once size fits all technique.

Question: Will Bus Transportation be available before and after school?

Answer: Yes, we will run all bus routes before and after school. We are suggesting that parents that can bring their children to school and pick them up do so. We will practice social distancing the best we can on each bus but it will be extremely difficult with our buses at full capacity. The Boys & Girls Club students at McCord, Central, and Shive will stay on each campus after school with Boys & Girls staff as opposed to riding the bus to the boys and girls club.

Question: Will parents be allowed to bring and drop off lunches on campus?

Answer: Unfortunately, parents will not be allowed to drop off lunches during the day. Our campuses will be closed during the school day. Parents will have to buzz in during the day and provide identification to check students out during the school day.

Question: Will parents be able to attend extracurricular activities?

Answer: We will make sure that all parents have access to sporting events and to purchase tickets. (Athletes, Band Members and Cheerleader parents will have first priority). As far as field trips, and other activities after school, we will postpone what we can until after things return to normal.

Question: Will lunch be provided for remote students?

Answer: Yes, We will provide meals for remote students but it will be much different than it was in the spring.

We will not deliver meals. All remote meals will be served out of the high school cafeteria.

They will be available from 10:45-11:15 daily.

Only students who qualify for free and reduced meals will receive free meals. Those that do not qualify will have the option of purchasing meals. We will have a form that will need to be turned in weekly so that we know how many meals to prepare. We will provide a breakfast and lunch daily.

You must log in and be counted present for attendance daily or you will have to reimburse the district for your meals.

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