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Wilbarger Covid cases skyrocket — masks now mandatory

The exemption for Wilbarger County to not have to comply with Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order requiring face masks in public has ended. Masks must be worn in public and in all commercial buildings. First violation is a written warning and a second violation is a $250 fine.

The county applied for, and was granted a waiver to the governor’s state-wide mask order. The waiver allowed the county to opt out as long as the number of active covid19 cases in the county was 20 or lower. Wilbarger County surpassed that number Thursday night.

DSHS reports 48 active cases in the county, with 183 total. The county will need to go two weeks, with active cases under 20, before it can reapply for a waiver.

In addition NTSH-Vernon reports 45 patients and 15 staff with active cases. Patients are reported in their home counties.

This week’s report for schools states Vernon ISD has had 7 student cases, Chillicothe ISD has had 2 cases. Northside, Harrold and Crowell ISDs report no cases since the beginning of the school year in August.

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