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Deadline approaches to order Christmas meal

Sharon and Billy Goins, co-organizers of the Holiday Spirit Meals, barely had time to rest from the Thanksgiving meal when they began preparations for the Christmas Day meal.

The Thanksgiving meal resulted in 1,158 being served this year as a new record for the program, and its possible that many meals could be served on Christmas Day.

The meal is free, and due to COVID restrictions no meals can be eaten as dine-in. All must be delivered or picked up.

Meal requests can be made beginning Thursday, Dec. 10 by calling 940-414-0401.

When calling, the caller should leave their name, address, pone number and number of meals needed delivered. There is a limit of 10 meals per address.

Those needing 10 or more meals must come to Wilbarger Auditorium on Christmas Day from noon to 1:30 p.m. to pick up their meals. They should also bring a box in which to put the meals.

Monday, Dec. 21, is the deadline to order  delivered meals. Deliveries are limited to city limits of Vernon.

As with the Thanksgiving, volunteers are needed to help in the various areas from meal preparation to driving routes. Those wishing to assist can call 940-414-0401.

Although the meals are free, donations can certainly be made.

Those listed as donating for the Thanksgiving meal were listed as Ms. Lyn Goodgion, Ms. Joyce McGinnis, Andrew Pennington, Ms. Lou Byrd, Ms. Frances Lowe, Hollingsworth Roofing, Ms. Pat Luttrell, Mr. and Mrs. Gary James, Mr. Larry Williams, Ted’s Tools, LLC (Ted and Cindy Henderson), Ms. Glenna Bryant, Mr. Bob Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Byars, Dr. Carl Craighead, Ms. Brenda Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Jetta McClure, Family Mart Pharmacy (Terry Spears), Cal-Maine Eggs, Tyson Foods, Inc., Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pate, Yesway/Allsups (Tosha Winship), Ms. Jean Graf.

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