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Wilbarger commissioners meet

The Wilbarger County Commissioners Court met Monday and dealt with routine business.

Bills were paid on a motion from Commissioner Phillip Graf. Commissioner John Wright did question a bill of $1,724 to the Odell Fire Department. Judge Greg Tyra stated that it was for insurance, in case there was an accident. The bills were then unanimously approved.

The commissioners approved paying expenditures for Precinct 1, precinct 3 and the Sheriff Office. Commissioner Wright said Precinct 1 had an excavator repair on a hydraulic hose, and he was unsure of the cost. Commissioner Kelly Joe Neel said precinct 3 had a trailer repair of $647. Judge Tyra said the Sheriff Office had an annual maintenance cost for body cameras of $1,080.

The sale of 16 tax properties was approved on a motion from Commissioner Graf. The properties had price include: 3014 Luna at $78; 2422A Maiden, $300; 1106 Gilbert, $300; 1110 Gilbert, $300; 1100 Gilbert, $300; 1113 Houston, $100; 528 Yamparika, $200; 2111 Pine, $150; 3701 Paradise, $1,579; 801 Bismarck, $500; 1511 Mesquite, $100; 1010 Indian, $800; 1208 Lamar, $600; 2109 Dawson, $500; 1216 Lamar, $240; 2100 Wanderer, $600.

The last meeting for the commissioners in 2020 will be Monday, Dec. 28 at 9 a.m. and it will be the final meeting for commissioners John Wright and Kelly Joe Neel. After that, two new commissioners  Scott Inglish and Billy Taylor will join the court, with Judge Greg Tyra stating he plans to swear in the new commissioners on Monday, January 4.

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