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County gives tax abatement for Tyson expansion

Tax abatement given

The Wilbarger County Commissioner, on Monday, were presented with a request to give a tax abatement to Tyson Refrigerated Processed Foods, Inc.

County Judge Greg Tyra said that the City of Vernon had taken the lead on negotiating with Tyson, and had approved an abatement last month. He said the Tyson project would cost in the neighborhood of $26 million

“The expansion of the plant is a ding a new line, which will create 32 new jobs,” Tyra said.

County Attorney Cory Curtis reported he had looked over the agreement and there were no issues  of concern.

Tyra recommended that Wilbarger County give the same abatement as the City of Vernon, which is 100 percent of the projects tax value the first year, 80 percent the second year, 60 percent the third year, 40 percents the fourth year and 20 percent the fifth year — after which the project will be fully taxable.

The abatement was unanimously approved on a motion from commissioner Phillip Graf.

The Vernon Tyson facility is home to Wright brand bacon. The upgrades are scheduled for completion by March of 2021, the expansion is expected to create 32 new jobs, bringing the total employment at the plant to more than 800. The Wright Brand is known for its hand trimmed and thick-cut real wood smoked bacon. Flavors have been perfected through a 90-year proprietary curing recipe, featuring favorites including hickory smoked, applewood smoked, double smoke and maple flavored bacon.

Other action

The sale of three tax properties was approved on a motion by commissioner Josh Patterson. The property at 1608 Houston sold for $500; 1301 Lamar sold for $200; and 1115 Wood sold for $400.

Required bonds for the Wilbarger County Sheriff and Constables #1 and #2, were approved on a motion from commissioner Scott Inglish.

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