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New WGH wound center headlines January building permits


Nine building permits were issued in Vernon during January. The big permit was for a remodel at Wilbarger General Hospital for the creation of a new wound center.

In a December 2020 meeting, the Wilbarger General Hospital board of directors accepted a bid of $373,750 for the new Wound Care Center project. WGH Chief Executive Officer Tom Siemers said the center would be “life-altering” for those who had suffered long-term wounds and he believed it improve the quality of life in the community, while also being profitable.

Director Roger Townson, on the board’s building and grounds committee, said that WGH received five project proposals, three of which were within $8,000 of each other, and after reviewing those proposals his committee proposed the directors accept the bid from Cunningham Clark Construction, of Wichita Falls.

The project calls for renovating the old MRI building, which will then be the new Wound Care Center.

“It’s a very stable structure, it’s a well-built structure. We’ve got a wonderful building, so instead of looking at a project that would cost us in the neighborhood of $700 or $800,000 if we were having to build a building from scratch and do all of the planning, we’ve got a building,” Townson said.

CEO Siemers said this will be the only regional center with a hyperbaric medicine chamber.

“Most people when they say they have a wound clinic, they aren’t really doing wound care. I mean they are changing a bandage. What this clinic is about… is healing wounds that don’t heal. And these are long-term wounds,” Siemers said, adding there are a number of nursing home patient that would fit that criteria.

Siemers said the numbers supporting the clinic came from a market analysis which included Altus. He said it was based on 150 new patients a year

Siemers said the management company, GeoLogic, “is going to invest half of the construction cost to finance this, they honestly wouldn’t put their money into this if they didn’t fell that the market was successful.”

The project should be completed sometime in April or May. Siemers said it would be open Monday through Friday. It may start up half-time initially

January permits:

— 1/4/21, Sign, 2900 Wilbarger, contractor is SSC Signs, owner is United

— 1/7/21, HVAC, 1701 Hwy 287 E, contractor is Fancher Elec, owner is A-Star Liquor

— 1/7/21, HVAC, 2627 15th, contractor is Fancher Elec, owner is Doris Caylor

— 1/8/21, Carport, 2711 Center Dr, owner/self-contractor is Brian Horn

— 1/15/21, Remodel, 920 Hillcrest, contractor is Cunningham-Clark, owner is Wilbarger Gen Hosp

— 1/19/21, Fence, 2509 Bowie, owner/self-contractor is Dustin Fraticelli

— 1/20/21, Fence, 2830 Maiden, contractor is Bryant Const, owner is Sylvia Caffery

— 1/26/21, Addition, 2326 Wheeler, owner/self-contractor is Billy Talbot

— 1/2721, HVAC, 1730 Houston, contractor is Fancher Elec, owner is Todd Smith

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