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WGH finances continue positive trend

Wilbarger General Hospital continued a positive financial trend in December. Interim Chief Financial Officer Jim Bash told the hospital’s board of directors that “it was a good month.”

He said that Wilbarger General Hospital had a net profit of $338,000 for December. Breaking it down, he said gross revenue for December was $6.2 million, and the net revenue was $2.4 million and “that covered expenses” which were $2.37 million.

Continued high inpatient and outpatient service were driving the profit. The board also discussed that bad debt was down, unbilled services were down and account receivables was down from over 90 days to less than 60 days.

Director Jim Riggins credited that turnaround to the WGH staff.

“It’s the best team we’ve had since I’ve been on the board. The future looks good,” Riggins said.

Board member Melanie Milner agreed: “There is major progress going on.”
The financial report was unanimously approved.

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