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VISD trustees plan special meeting for Friday

During their May board meeting on May 17, the Vernon ISD trustees continued discussion from previous meetings regarding an Alternatives Campus.

Superintendent JeffByrd said that buying a portable building would cost approximately $92,000, while renting one would include a $12,000 set up fee, and a $10,000 pickup fee. It would cost $48,000 to rent for one year and $68,000 for two years.

Byrd said he and the HS principal had toured a similar facility in Dumas and learned a lot.

Byrd proposed that they could put it on the west side of the DAEP building. If a bond passes, the Alternatives would be moved to the then vacated Shive school, while the portable building could be sold.

“Do we need to act pretty fast?” Young asked.

“If we don’t act in the next two weeks, we won’t be able to act this year,” Byrd said.

The proposed building would be 1532 square feet.

The trustees set a special meeting for noon on  Friday, May 21 to vote on whether to rent a portable building or purchase a portable building

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