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One positive Covid case in Wilbarger County

Texas officials report one active Covid-19 casein Wilbarger County this week. Wilbarger County has had 46 percent of the population over the age of 12 is vaccinated, compared to 59 percent statewide. Elsewhere in Texas the numbers are ramping up among unvaccinated population, Wichita County is reporting 133 active cases.
The positivity rate, which measures how prevalent the virus is in Texas, has crossed  10%. This indicates that the highly transmissible delta variant of COVID-19 is spreading rampantly among the unvaccinated. The positivity rate hasn’t been this high since February, and in mid-June it was as low as 2.8%. Statewide, hospitalizations have increased in the last three weeks.
Texas health officials say the delta variant of the coronavirus continues to surge and accounts for an estimated 83% of U.S. COVID-19 cases.
That’s a dramatic increase from the week of July 3, when the variant accounted for about 50% of genetically sequenced coronavirus cases.
The delta variant is a mutated coronavirus that spreads more easily than other versions. It was first detected in India but now has been identified around the world.
Meanwhile, more than 40% of Texans are fully vaccinated, and a University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll found nearly half of Texas voters have returned to their pre-pandemic lives. But the number of vaccines administered has been declining each month since April.
Everyone age 12 and older is eligible for the vaccine in Texas, regardless of occupation or health status. Only the Pfizer vaccine is available to people ages 12 to 17.
Federal health officials said people who are fully vaccinated can stop wearing masks and social distancing in most indoor and outdoor settings, and Texas public schools and government entities can no longer require masks.

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