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No vaccine requirement for Wilbarger General Hospital staff, yet


Wilbarger General Hospital Chief Executive Officer Tom Siemers told WGH directors that the federal government has required that healthcare workers be vaccinated. However, the Texas governor has an executive order “that we cannot require that.”

He said that the federal order has been delayed to December.

“Honestly it is going to end up in the courts, it will be a while,” Siemers told the board. “Ultimately if CMS says we have to be vaccinated, we will be. No hospital can not receive CMS funding, Medicare and Medicaid. They’d literally be out of business,” he said.

Siemers in a meeting two month ago, told the directors that WGH was benefiting from other states and hospitals requiring Covid vaccination for their medical staffs. He said WGH was utilizing medical staff other states and hospitals had forced out to help meet staff shortages. He said without those nurses, the hospital would not be able to meet staffing needs.

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