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Incumbents fall in local elections

Wilbarger County voters went to the polls Saturday to elect three Vernon Independent School District trustees and a contested director seat for Wilbarger General Hospital.

The incumbent lost in the VISD election. Amanda Lehman defeated incumbent Tom Scott with 559 (65.8%) votes to 290 for Scott in VISD Place 5.

The incumbent also lost in the WGH election. Challenger Gene White received 547 votes (62.6 %) to 327 for incumbent Roger Townson for Place No. 7. Pam Caldwell was unopposed in her relected to WGH Place 6 and received 795 votes.

For two open VISD board of trustees’ seats, Taylor Craighead defeated Mamie McArthur with 510 (60.3%) votes to 336 for Place 3; and Bryson Henry defeated Gordy Gonzales with 510 (61.2 %) to 323 votes for Gonzale for Place 4.

The two state propositions overwhelming passed 702 (85.3 %) on Prop 1; and 700 (83.4%) to 139 on Prop 2. Both measures passed overwhelmingly statewide by similar margins.

Proposition 1 will cut school district property taxes for homeowners who are disabled or 65 years and older. Proposition 2 will boost the state’s homestead exemption — the portion of a home’s value that can’t be taxed — from $25,000 to $40,000 for school district property taxes.

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