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The Vernon City Commission, in a July 26 meeting, approved a request by the Vernon Street Machines for blocking of streets for SLB Cruise weekend activities. Temporary closings of parts of Pease, Cumberland, and Main Streets were approved.
Commissioners approved a resolution to create tax abatement for the newly created Zone 3 Tax Reinvestment Zone. This zone encompasses the old Gibson’s location.
Mayor Pam Gosline opened public discussion on approval of City Ordinance 1789 regarding a request to change zoning at 1101 Strahan and 2528 Dawson from residential to commercial. After public discussion, Commissioner Don Aydelott made a motion to approve the Zoning change. The motion failed for lack of a second.
Jan Bonner, from the Vernon Business Development Corporation, asked the Commission to approve revisions to the BDC’s Budget for the 2021-2022 operating year. Bonner explained that this revision was necessary due to unforeseeable changes that had occurred during the year such as the change in cost of insurance and utilities, expenditures that had fluctuated throughout the year. Commissioners unanimously approved the revision.
Bonner then asked the Commissioners to approve the proposed BDC budget for the 2022-2023 operating year. Commissioner Aydelott and Mayor Gosline stated they needed more time to consider some of the items in the budget. The item was delayed till the August 11 meeting to give the commissioners time to study it.
John Perez, of the Vernon Fire Department, updated on an ambulance purchase. Perez stated that the original order for a new ambulance to replace one of its aging ambulances had been delayed by Chevrolet due to production issues. If they stayed with the original order, the City might not be receive one until 2024 or later. As an alternative they could buy an International chassis and have a Ford ambulance body mounted on it. This would be an additional expenditure of $30,000 but the ambulance could be in service by early 2023.
The Commission inquired about the warranty of this hybrid vehicle and Perez assured the council that the warranty would be in full effect, just from two different manufacturers.
Commissioner Aydelott inquired as to how long the city would be short an Ambulance during the transition. Perez stated that even during while waiting on the new ambulance the city would be covered by the two remaining ambulances that were rotated weekly. Perez stated that there weren’t enough qualified paramedics to man any more than two ambulances anyway.
The Commission approved the expenditure.

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