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Another great Vernon Burnin’ in the books

Joyce Ashley
Vernon Record
Beneath an overcast sky with a cool breeze, 166 riders took part Saturday morning in the 26th annual Vernon Burnin’ Bike Ride co-sponsored by the Vernon Jaycees and Vernon Optimist Club.
“It was a great turnout, great weather, definitely a success, and we’re already looking forward to next year,” Si Schur, Ride director, said.
Schur said everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
“There were no problems. Everything went smoothly.”
Schur also thanked all the volunteers who assisted with the event.
“We appreciate everyone’s help,” he said.
Riders came from all over Texas and Oklahoma and even as far away as Colorado to take part in the event.
In addition to the Vernon Burnin’ a Mighty Kids Ride was held on the Vernon College parking lot. Receiving medals were Kason Villegas, Cadence Roper and Jerald Gray.
The Ride, which offered four routes across the county, started at 7:30 a.m. from the Vernon College south parking lot and concluded around noon with prizes awarded in the individual categories to the top riders as riders and spectators relaxed beneath the college campus trees to enjoy food and visiting after the event.
Results were as follows:
–62 miles, men, 18-39, Christopher Hattendorf, Wichita Falls, first; Rocklyn Roll, Amarillo, second; Landon Cotton, Wichita Falls, third; 40-49, Bryan Goins, Wichita Falls, first; Robert Davis, Garland, second; Michael Guynes, Justin, third; 50-59, Shawn Husleison, Wichita Falls, first; Leo Tulagan, Henrietta, second; Willie Beam, Dallas, third; 60-69, Charles Holmberg, Erick, Okla.; Mark Tidwell, Amarillo, second; Trey Low, Wichita Falls, third; 70+, Charles Holmberg, Erick, Okla.
–33 miles, men, 70+, Glenn Kathan, Lawton, Okla., first; Dave Shultz, Edmond, Okla., second; 60-69, Camilo, Garcia, Childress, first; Greg Duncan, Lubbock, second; Dale Beatty, Snyder, Okla., third; 50-59, Russell Wallace, Geronimo, Okla., first; Dan Lambert, Altus, Okla., second; Cody Beckner, Altus, Okla., third; 40-49, Jose Delgado, Wichita Falls, first; Michael Majors, Wichita Falls, second; 18-39, Austin Sutton, Altus, Okla., first; Chris Knaute, Colorado Springs, Colo., second; Angel Salvador, Wichita Falls, third; under 18, Ray Bishop, Altus, Okla., first
–22 miles men, 18-39, Ryan Blair, Iowa Park, first; Alan More, Lubbock, second; 40-49, Philip Gibbons, Iowa Park, first; Kevin Dwyer, Altus, Okla., second; 50-59, Arturo Aceles, Wichita Falls, first. 60-69, Johnny Rhyne, Bowie, first; Edmond Poore, Wichita Falls, second; Andrew Nichols, Wichita Falls, third; 70+, Gary ferguson, Duncan, Okla., first; Jerry Allen, Burkburnett, second.
–12 mile, men, under 18, Cameron Streit, Vernon, first; Luke Parmer, Vernon, second; Kaleb Wore, third; 18-39, Patrick Parmer, Vernon, first; Darren Streit, Vernon, second
–62 miles, women, under 18, Kataline Delozie , Wichita Falls, first; 18-39, Heidi Herbert, Mansfield, first; 40-49, Nicole Golden, Wichita Falls, first; Shanna Ferrell, Decatur, second; Cassanora Green, Iowa Park, third; 50-59, Shenna Husleison, Wichita Falls, first; Anna Balian, second.
–33 miles, women, 60-69, Carol Krogel, Medicine Park, Okla., first; Sheri Dowhower, Vernon, second; Amy Frank, Vernon, third; 50-59, Helen John-Dryburg, Lawton, Okla., first; Jana Beatty, Snyder, Okla., second; Shelli Starr, Iowa Park, third; 40-49, Tamara Duncan, Lubbock, first; Daniel Amador, Wichita Falls, second; 18-39, Diana Snow, Wichita Falls, first; Rebecca Lindeman, Windthorst, second; Jayne Alexander, Altus, Okla., third; under 18, Melanie Montgomery, Wichita Falls, first.
–22 miles, women, 18-39, Shonda Lawson, Bowie, first; Renee York, Altus, Okla., second; 40-49, Marion Dwyer, Altus, Okla., first; 50-59, Amy Wenk, Iowa Park, first; Sandy Thomas, Electra, second; 60-69, Mary Martinez, Wichita Falls, first;
–12 miles, women, under 18, Isla Streit, Vernon, first;18-39, Esme Sanchez, Vernon, first; Lindsey Streit, Vernon, second.

A group of riders begins the 62-mile route as they take part in the 26th annual Vernon Burnin’ Bike Ride held Saturday morning. Some 166 riders took part in the event co-sponsored by the Vernon Jaycees and Vernon Optimist Club.
Charles Ashley/Vernon Record

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