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Wilbarger County election results

Wilbarger County voted Republican overwhelmingly in Tuesday’s mid-term election. There were 3,203 voters, out of 8,359 for a turnout of 38.3 percent. Most county voters voted early, by an almost 2-1 margin over voters casting a ballot on election day.

Incumbent U.S. District 13 Congressman Ronny Jackson was reelected with 82.5 percent of the Wilbarger County vote; and 75.4 percent district wide. Jackson stated: “I am grateful to the many Patriots across our district who have elected me to represent them in Congress for another two years. The trust that has been placed in me is not taken lightly. I remain committed to upholding our conservative Texas values with every vote I take on the House Floor and with every initiative I work on. I feel confident that we are well on our way to securing a Republican majority in the House, a clear mandate from the American people to finally put a stop to Democrats’ reign of destruction. Democrats are the party of record-high inflation, out-of-control crime rates, and an unprecedented invasion at our southern border. They have failed our country miserably, and I look forward to turning things around by being a leader at the forefront of our government’s return to the successful America First policies first championed by President Trump.”

Governor Greg Abbott received 82.7 percent of the vote in Wilbarger County, and 54.8 statewide.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick received 80.9 percent in Wilbarger County, and 53.8 statewide.

Attorney General Ken Paxton received 81.2 percent in Wilbarger County, and 53.5 statewide.

Comptroller Glenn Hegar received 82.1 percent in Wilbarger County, and 56.4 statewide.

Dawn Buckingham was elected as Commissioner of the General Land Office with 82.5 percent in Wilbarger County, and 56.2 statewide.

Sid Miller was reelected as Commissioner of Agriculture with 82.3 percent locally, and 56.4 statewide.

Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian received 81.6 percent in Wilbarger County, and 55.4 statewide.

State Representative District 69 James Frank received 82.5 percent of the vote in Wilbarger County, and 79.2 district wide.

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  1. Brenda Chastain on November 10, 2022 at 8:50 pm

    These results did not surprise me in the least..whoop whoop..I have every confidence that these folks will get Texas and our nation right back in it’s tracks. Congratulations to all elected officials and whoop whoop for We Citizens…

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