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VHS tennis players named All-District

All district for team tennis has been released and several Vernon players received spots on the all district team.
“I’m very proud of their hard work and how well they did,” Coach Carrie Castleberry said.
The tennis team won the district title with an undefeated run. It was the tennis team’s 35th straight district title.
Boys Doubles
1. Kell Castleberry/Dane Kieschnick –1st team
2. Max Jones/Lavery Gonzales–1st Team
3. Gavin Pierce/Christopher Martinez–1st Team
**All three boys teams went undefeated in district play**
Boys Singles
1. Kell Castleberry–1st Team
2. Max Jones–1st Team
3. Dane Kieschnick–1st Team
5. Christopher Martinez–1st Team
6. Gavin Pierce–1st Team
**Boys only lost 2 singles matches in district play**
Girls Doubles
1. Kinsey Weatherly/Paige Patterson–2nd Team
2. Aleya Goco/Presleigh Smith–1st Team
3. Audi Goodman/Kristina Urista–1st Team
**Girls only lost 1 match in doubles play**
Girls Singles
1. Presleigh Smith–2nd Team
2. Aleya Goco–2nd Team
3. Kinsey Weatherly–1st Team
4. Audi Goodman–1st Team
5. Paige Patterson–2nd Team
6. Kristina Urista–2nd Team
Mixed Doubles
Jasmine Bustamante/Matthew Goodrum—2nd Team
Newcomer to the District
Boy–Gavin Pierce
District MVP
Boy–Kell Castleberry

“Thank you for all the positive words, encouragement, support, and just good all fashioned kindness for the kids and program this semester. Give them another pat on the back and we are already gearing up for a big run in the spring,” Coach Castleberry said.

Academic All District: Max Jones, Dane Kieschnick, Lavery Gonzales, Christopher Martinez, Gavin Pierce, Matthew Goodrum, Brinden Farrell, Kinsey Weatherly, Aleya goco, Audi Goodman, Kristina Urista, Jasmine Bustamante, Valerie Mejia, Rufaro Mubvumba, Kaylee Delaune, Ella Gray, Madie Dobbins, Courtney Saylor

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