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Fatality motorcycle accident reported in Wichita County

Number of Vehicles in Crash:  2      Number Injured: 0              Number killed: 1

Date & Time: 04/25/23, 12:15 P.M.

County:  Wichita

Location: Intersection of: Business 287 and North Peterson Road

Posted Speed Limit: 60

Vehicle 1:

2022, GMC Yukon, Sports Utility Vehicle

Vehicle 2: 

2013, Yamaha, Star – Motorcycle

Driver Vehicle 1:

Wood, Brenda Buckner, 79 years of age, female, of Iowa Park, Texas

Seatbelt: Yes

Injury Information:  Uninjured

Driver Vehicle 2: DECEASED

Wilcox, Jerry Don, 64 years of age, male, of Wichita Falls, Texas

Seatbelt: N/A   Helmet:  Yes

Death Information: Transported to United Regional Hospital, pronounced dead on 4/25/23 at 1:27 P.M. by Dr. Siacunco

Description:  Preliminary investigation revealed Vehicle 1 was stopped facing east on Business 287, turning left onto North Peterson Road.  Vehicle 2 was traveling west on Business 287 approaching the intersection with North Peterson Road.  Driver 1, failed to yield the right of way to Driver 2, turning left into the path of Vehicle 2.  Driver 2 attempted to stop but struck Vehicle 1.  Driver 2 was transported to the an area hospital with incapacitating injuries and later died in the hospital under a doctor’s care.

Weather Condition: Clear

Road Conditions: Dry

Investigated by: Trooper Amos Deerinwater, Texas Highway Patrol – Wichita Falls

Assisted by:  Trooper Justin Burger, Texas Highway Patrol – Archer City

Trooper Trevor Topper, Texas Highway Patrol – Archer City

Trooper Brandon Roberts, Texas Highway Patrol – Wichita Falls

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