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City of Vernon water wells report for October

Recent rains have increased the average saturated thickness of the City of Vernon’s water well fields after five months of steady decline, according to city measurements.

The average saturated thickness of ground water for the city’s three well fields has increased from September’s measurement of 39.54 feet, which is the lowest recorded level for the first nine months of 2023.

October’s measurement by the city was 39.67 feet, representing a 1.56 inch increase when compared to September’s measurement.

The city announced implementation of Drought Stage 1 on July 17 and remains in Stage 1 of the drought contingency plan. In order to exit Stage 1 drought condition the average saturated thickness of the three well fields will need to go above 41 feet for a period of 45 days, according to the Drought Contingency Plan.

During October the city’s 28 water wells were producing 4,198 gallons per minute, for a total of 6,045,120 gallons per day.

The city’s Schmoker water well field, not included in the above measurements, is used primarily to supply industrial customers and produced 608 gallons per minute, for a total of 875,520 gallons per day during October.

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