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Former Clay County Sheriff released from jail for medical emergency

Thursday afternoon, Dec. 7, Hardeman County Sheriff Pat Laughery announced that former Clay County Sheriff Jeffery Lyde had been released from the Hardeman County Jail where he was being held for Clay County on a Class A Misdemeanor court commitment.
According to a statement posted by Laughery on Facebook, Lyde was transported to the local hospital in Quanah with potentially life threatening medical issues Wednesday night. It was determined at the hospital that Lyde needed a higher level of care and was transported to a larger hospital. At that time, Laughery wrote, “Lyde was release from our custody due to not having the man power to send a deputy out of the county to sit at the hospital for hours or days. The citizens of Hardeman County have always been and will always be my top priority and I could never, in good faith, leave my county unattended. Just to reiterate, Lyde was released for medical reasons. I will be meeting with the judge and attorney’s on Monday to determine the next course of action.”
Jeffrey Lyde, 56, had begun serving a 30-day sentence on Nov. 27 in the jail in Quanah for misdemeanor official oppression and document tampering convictions in Clay County related to his tenure as sheriff. The class A misdemeanors are punishable by up to a year in jail and as much as a $4,000 fine.
The Wichita Falls Times Record News quoted Lyde’s wife, Rhonda Lyde as saying, “He’s having very, very high blood pressure and heart palpitations.”

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