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Vernon awards bids for water well renovations

The Vernon City Commission awarded bids Tuesday that should bring three water wells online at the city’s West Acres well field in the north part of Wilbarger County. Bids were accepted for Wells #3, #4, #5 to provide well conversions and fence construction.

Public Works director Darell Kennon said that the commission had allocated $142,000 during budget hearings earlier this year and the bids fell within that amount. He said Bradford Drilling was the sole bidder for the well conversions at $69,456. BTM was the sole bidder for fencing at $18,500.

“I feel both are good bids,” Kennon told the commission,” Kennon said.

Mayor Doug Jeffrey asked if the bids were in line with previous well conversion expenses. Kennon said yes. The bids were approved on a motion from Pam Gosline.

In addition, $32,115 for controls and $6,000 for meters was also awarded.


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