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Public access to VDR offices temporarily halted


In an effort to keep our employees, subscribers, and advertisers safe during this event, Vernon Daily Record offices are closing to the public effective March 18th for a period of three weeks or until further notice.  The health and safety of our employees and our community are very important to us and we’re doing all we can to minimize any chances of exposing anyone to the coronavirus.

We don’t like it, because it’s counter to what makes our community special, but we are practicing “social distancing” because we want to do our part.  Thus, phone, email, and U.S. Postal service will be the way to communicate with us. When you need extra copies of the VDR for saving, clipping, or sending out to friends and family, we will be happy to mail them to you.  If that doesn’t work, simply call ahead and we’ll meet you at the front door of the office between 12-3 Monday through Thursday.  Please, if you’re sick, don’t ask us to get close, and we’ll do the same.  And, if you’re one of our subscribers, we’ll come to your porch if you are sick.

We will continue to monitor this situation daily. Like every other local business, we are dealing with something we did not anticipate, and doing our best to anticipate the changes necessary for our staff and our community.  Our staff is working in overdrive now doing all that is possible to get ahead in the event the illness does hit our community and we are impacted.  Our staff is small but dedicated and extremely competent.  In the event something takes place in the days between publishing check daily as we will provide breaking news reports if something of importance takes place.

God bless and keep you

Bret McCormick – Publisher of Vernon Daily Record


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