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State’s latest data on Covid in area schools

Vernon ISD reported it has had 8 confirmed Covid-19 cases as of last Friday. There were no active cases during the week according to data the district provided to the state. One case was in grade 3 and under, 4 were in grades 4 to 6, 2 were in grades 7 to 12 and one was a staff member. All were considered contracted off campus.

Northside ISD reports one positive case for a student in grade 3 or under. It was no longer reported as active.

Chillicothe reported one new active case for a staff member. There has also been one, no longer active, student case, and one staff case in the district.

The latest Covid-19 data for public schools was released Wednesday evening, Sept. 30 by the Department of State Health Services. The latest data covers the period between Sept. 21 and Sept. 27.

Cases in this report are defined as any staff member or student who participates in any on-campus activity that is test-confirmed COVID-19 of which a public school is notified. Because data is self-reported by schools, it may not be up to date. To protect individual privacy, case counts will be suppressed for any school district (such as Harrold) that has fewer than 50 students enrolled on campus. All data are provisional and subject to change. Corrections may lead to data being updated with more accurate or complete information.

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