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Wilbarger County near top in national vaccination rate, Family Pharmacy plans more shots

As of Monday,1,572 residents of Wilbarger County had received a first dose and 589 were fully vaccinated. The county’s eligible population above the age of 16 is 10,374. Wilbarger County currently ranks as the 39th most vaccinated County in the United States – with a new daily covid case average of 2.2 per thousand. There have been 1,775 cases in the county, with 9 active and 47 fatalities.

Family Pharmacy is scheduled to receive 300 doses of Moderna this week and DSHS Vernon is scheduled to receive 100 doses of Moderna this week.

Family Pharmacy will distribute all of its doses on Wednesday to people that have previously preregistered. Pharmacist Terry spears said that last week they divided their allotment and gave 150 doses on Wednesday and 150 on Thursday.

“We quickly realized last week that we could handle 300 in one day so that is what we are going to do this week,” Spears said.

Spears said the sign-up process, and then notifying people that there has been a dose available has been time consuming, so they are changing things up when they receive their next allotment of doses, possibly next week, or the week after.

“Here’s what we are going to do going forward, when we have more vaccine available, we will post it on our website,” Spears said, explaining that there will be slots, 15 minutes each.  “People will be able to sign-up for one of those slots, and when that slot is full it will close. Kind of like signing up to take a class.”

Spears recommended checking the website each day, Click the link for the Vaccine Scheduler.

Spears said that he has seen few complications from the vaccine, and they have all been minor. “Mainly we’ve seen some fever, achiness, tenderness at the injection site for some. But all in all it has been good,” he said.

Also this week, Hardeman County Clinic is scheduled to receive 200 doses of Moderna this week. Foard County Clinic scheduled to receive 200 doses of Moderna this week.

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