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Covid numbers continue to decline in Wilbarger County

Wilbarger County reported 9 active Covid 19 cases on Monday, Feb. 15, as the county’s positive rate continues to stay in single digits.
The mandatory mask requirement for the county is still in place. The state’s current requirement is “The county must have 30 or fewer new COVID-19 cases during the previous 14 day period.” Wilbarger County has had 36 cases over the past 14 days, just over t

J.J. Oznick, Chief of the Vernon Fire Department, was reported as the first in Vernon to receive the Moderna Covid-19 vaccination, as administered by pharmacist Adam Bayer.
Chief Oznick said the shot felt like any other vaccine he had received, and he felt no side effects. Bayer reported that he had received 100 doses of the vaccine, and that they were all spoken for going to first responders and medical personnel. The vaccine requires two shots, approximately a month apart.
Daniel Walker/
Vernon Record

he threshold where the mask-order could be removed.
The high point for the county was 68 active cases on Nov. 25, 2020. The December high was 41 active cases on Dec. 11, 2020.
There have been 1,813 cases with 51 fatalities in the county.
No new vaccine doses were earmarked for Wilbarger County this week; while 200 were scheduled for the Hardeman County Hospital.
Almost 20 percent of Wilbarger County’s 10,361 adults above the age of 16, have been vaccinated.
That means 2,481 (up from 2,076 last week) have had at least one dose of vaccine and 1,182 (up from 980 last week) are fully vaccinated.
Wilbarger County is considered the 19th best county in Texas and the 51st best in the United States for rate of residents being vaccinated with at least the first shot. Foard County is No. 1 in Texas and No. 2 nationally at 37.8 percent. Hardeman is No. 12 in Texas at 21.8 percent.
Texas state experts estimate the pandemic can only be overcome if at least 75% of the population
is immunized.
Wilbarger County has received the Moderna vaccine, which is considered 94% effective against the virus.

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